Is Facebook lead generation worth it?

Facebook is arguably the most popular social media platform. With 2.6 billion...

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Seven awesome telemarketing softwares

Telemarketing software is a type of contact center tool that automates customer...

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Discover Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Technical Support

Fact: Companies need technical support representatives. They do not only help...

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Effective lead generation process for a business

Simplified, lead generation is the process of identifying and attracting...

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Six important inbound call center metrics to measure

Businesses should know how and when to measure each call, issue, and inquiry they...

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What you need to know about purchase order processing

Order processing is tied to customer satisfaction. The quicker and better quality...

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Eight brilliant telemarketing tips that work

Telemarketing is a marketing strategy where salespersons solicit prospects to buy...

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Seven roles to outsource as a small business

This is most suitable for hiring BPOs who will do regular tasks such as customer...

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How to properly monitor remote employees

Remote employees have become easier to contact and collaborate with better...

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