Category: Inbound Support

What’s a reservation agent?

Most often, reservation agents are employed by airlines, hotels, and resorts. But...

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All you need to know about call center representatives

Call centers saw a rapid rise in the early years of the 2000s. Right now, roles...

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Top 5 inbound call center software in 2021

Call centers are most often backed by several software companies to ensure a...

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Drive your sales up with these inbound call sales techniques

Sales transactions don’t just come from online or outbound calls. They can also...

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Six things to set up your inbound call center

Setting up your inbound call center teams may be confusing at first. To overcome...

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Six important inbound call center metrics to measure

Businesses should know how and when to measure each call, issue, and inquiry they...

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Improving inbound customer support

There are different ways to strengthen your inbound customer support as well....

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