How to Outsource Data Entry Work and Its Benefits

A critical part of your business’ growth is data entry. You need to have your customer’s information, transactions, and documents in a secure cloud that your team can easily access anywhere for maximum convenience and productivity. However, if the information inputted into the system is not correct, your business can suffer from misinformation and delayed processes.

Data entry is such a tedious process that most companies are asking if they can outsource data entry work to minimize losses and errors. BPOs have started offering data entry services to help businesses accomplish this essential task with zero to little error. That way your company can automate having an accurate up-to-date database.

Interested in knowing more about what outsourcing data entry can do for your business? You can learn everything you need to know below.

What is Data Entry Outsourcing?

Outsourcing data entry is one of the ways companies can automate their information gathering and back office operations minus the hassle. This practice will require a business to partner with a third-party service provider to handle sensitive information and encode it into a secure database.

Companies who avail of these services are guaranteed to have an accurate business database that reflects the latest information about their company in a secure platform.

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry?

Outsourcing data entry to a trusted BPO company can help your company’s management and operations operate better. This is because your team will have accurate information about your clients and they can easily access this information anywhere.

Of course, outsourcing data entry services also has other benefits such as:

Accurate Information

Data entry is a repetitive task that requires the utmost attention of each of your members. This is because one small mistake can yield inaccurate information, which can result in misinformed decisions and customer delays. Given its importance, this task cannot just be left up to chance. You’ll want to have a team that can swiftly and accurately input these critical data onto a secure platform.

With SixEleven’s Data Entry services, you’re guaranteed to have a detail-oriented team that’s equipped with the hardware and software to enter the information you need on a secure platform. For those in the health industry, you’ll be glad to know that SixEleven is HIPAA compliant, so you won’t need to worry about sensitive information leaking.

Improved Business Decisions

Having an accurate picture of your business, its performance, and your clients is a key part of growing your company sustainably. With a dedicated data entry team, you’ll never have to worry if the information you have is incorrect.

You’ll also have analyzed reports ready for your interpretation whenever you need it.

Secured Data

Given the increase of cybercrimes in the world, you must protect your client’s information by procuring a secure platform to house their data to ensure that it’s safe from threats. However, these kinds of platforms can be expensive.

When you partner with SixEleven, you’re guaranteed to have your client’s information stored in a secure platform that’s only accessible by authorized personnel.

Enhanced Company Productivity

Having accurate information readily available for your team will ensure that they can fulfill their tasks as quickly as possible, no matter where they are. Meaning, you’ll have lower job turnaround times, higher company productivity, and better customer satisfaction.

Lower Operating Costs

Having to hire a new person to complete your data entry jobs means that you’ll need to equip them with the gear they need to complete these tasks, and you also need to subscribe to a secure platform to house your information. This can rack up quite an expense – especially if you have a lot of data to encode.

When you partner with SixEleven, you hire a team that’s already trained, equipped, and ready to take on your data entry needs. You also won’t need to worry about personnel salaries because it’s already included in the fees you pay to SixEleven.

How Do You Outsource Data Entry Work?

The first step in outsourcing your data entry work is finding a BPO agency that you can entrust this task to. Ideally, you want a company that has the right software, certifications, and personnel ready to take on your business.

Here at SixEleven, we pride ourselves in giving our top-notch services to our clients that give them the edge they need to grow their businesses to newer heights.

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5 Steps Easy Deployment

From dedicated SEO strategists to creative web designers, we have the people who can plan and execute the right plan for your company.

1. Client's Job Recruitment

The company ensures the quality of services it offers will align to the client's standards and requirements.

2. Tailor Fit Hiring

Agents were assessed thoroughly to ensure that they match and fit the client's standards perfectly.

3. Easy System Integration

Our IT team is equipped with all the tools needed by each client.

4. Training

All agents will undergo a minimum of 2 weeks training regarding the clients project. This period shall be non-billable and free.

5. Production

As part of the Company's management, Team Leader and Program Managers will be in-charge in managing and coaching the agents to be productive and perform well.

Most Popular Questions

1. Is 611 open to guaranteeing a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

Yes we are. At the onset, most people try to settle on pricing and terms. Once this is agreed upon in principle, we can work more on a more defined SLA for your program. This could range from number of sales, percentage of conversions, service uptime, drop call ratio and so on depending on the clients business. This negotiated SLA can be added to the contract and a compliance rate of 90 percent or more is expected.

2. Where is 611 located or where will my program be placed?

611 currently has three offices. Our main office is located in Davao City. Our expansion office is located in General Santos City. Our 3rd office in Davao Mabini. The choice where to place a particular program largely depends on the type of program and the skill set present in the talent pool of the existing office when the program is signed or depending on client preference.

611 currently has three offices. Our main office is located in Davao City. Our expansion office is located in General Santos City. Our 3rd office in Davao Mabini. The choice where to place a particular program largely depends on the type of program and the skill set present in the talent pool of the existing office when the program is signed or depending on client preference.

5. What redundancies are in place?

All our computers and servers are backed up by industrial ups with a capacity of 30 minutes or more depending on load. We also have a backup onsite generator to protect against power outages. We have 3 ISP lines with the top 3 Telco providers in the Philippines w more than 200mb of dedicated 1:1 ratio Internet capacity per site.

4. Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

We operate in 3 geographically different offices strategically located in segments. It is about a 2-hour drive from each facility to the next. We don’t oversell our capacity and always maintain an allowance for overflow. Thus in an event of a major disaster, calamity, or equipment failure, we have readily available capacity at proximity to be able to transit agents in and out during a “recovery” situation.

3. Do you do background checks on employees?

We have a third party agency duly accredited by the Philippine government who conducts such on behalf of our company. This assures that the check done is both independent and reliable. Furthermore, every employee is required to submit an NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) clearance before they are accepted towards our company to certify that they do not have any existing civil or legal encumbrances.

6. What is your approach to keeping employee morale high?

We have a lot of initiatives to engage our people. We offer them free meals daily so they avoid skipping meals. We offer them HMO (health card) so they are covered in case of any medical needs. We also have several different activities in our office ranging from team activities, developmental training and also team building and bonding activities. Please see our company’s Facebook page for some samples: https://www.facebook.com/SixElevenGlobalServices/

7. Do you do performance reviews?

We normally have a weekly commission scheme for our reps, this is to reward and acknowledge exemplary performance for the week and do a mini-performance review w each representative. We also do performance reviews every quarter to assess the growth and progress of agents and equally compensate them for such if it merits such.

8. Do you allow client visits or audits?

We have an open-door policy with all our clients. They are welcome to visit us anytime at any frequency to conduct audits, training or just plain checking. We encourage such visitations, we want to establish client confidence and also build a relationship so we are open. Clients can also do audits anytime they prefer w agents but as far as network infrastructure goes, it has to be duly scheduled to avoid any possible service disruptions towards other clients.

9. What are the security measures in place to protect the employee and also the client’s areas?

All our employees have to pass through a fingerprint authenticated turnstile system before they can enter our facility, and we also added physical barriers and door authentication software. Other systems may be added upon client request to control and regulate specific areas to make it dedicated. Further, all areas are monitored by CCTV cameras and we keep video logs of all activities for up to six months or longer upon client request.

10. What are the data security measures in place?

We are duly attested and certified as a PCI compliant organization. We follow best practices as mandated by the PCI council. We follow the password string parameter, idle boot time, also password changing every certain interval. We have a strict policy of people needing to use their credentials as this can be traced in case there is any illegal activity.

11. Can 611 ramp up fast in case there is a high call volume?

We do several non-committal projects. Outbound sales, SEO, Back office, etc. We have a pool of people we can always tap just in case there is an anticipated major overflow because of certain holiday’s or occasions. We just need to be given sufficient notice to cross-train and prepare people at no extra cost to the client, we only bill during live hours and not during training.

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