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SixEleven is a business process outsourcing company with over 15 years of experience that’s dedicated to helping your business grow.

Our Difference

At SixEleven we believe in providing dynamic service-oriented solutions to our clients to help them grow their operations. We know that customer service is not a one-size-fits-all solution. This is why we continue to expand our company’s BPO services to cater to new market demands and developments.

As an outsourced call center company, we use a secure platform to address our clients’ needs. Our innovative system enables us to perform multiple services such as lead generation and telemarketing sales, technical support, and image annotation.

When you work with us, you gain a business partner that puts your business’ interest and growth first by providing you with tailor-fit staffing solutions.

flexible options

Flexible Options

Our company’s size, structure, and knowledge allow us to offer a variety of solutions for your business. This gives us the flexibility to offer customized solutions for specific client needs in a snap.
industry experts

Industry Experts

We have over a decade's worth of experience that has allowed us to acquire industry expertise across multiple fields. Our team is also focused on the continuous development of the company’s offerings and processes.
guaranteed excellence

Guaranteed Excellence

Here at SixEleven, we’re committed to providing you with the help you need to maximize your services, impact, and growth. Our BPO company has garnered a reputation for delivering excellent service to all our clients.
innovative systems

Innovative Systems

We know that aside from expanding our services, we should also invest in our systems to ensure the quality and security of our work. Our investment in our software and hardware systems allows our team to perform their work effortlessly.
dedicated partners

Dedicated Partners

As dedicated partners to your growth, we’re committed to providing the best possible services to you. We do this by training our team and investing in their well-being so they can always show up for you at their best.
multiple solutions

Multiple Solutions

Our BPO company offers a range of services to cater to your company’s different needs at its various stages of growth. Additionally, we can also create a custom solution to address your needs.

What Our Clients Think

As a business process outsourcing company, we’ve worked with different clients across the globe to help them grow their business and achieve success. See what our satisfied clients are saying about our services.

Exceptional Business Process Outsourcing Services

Our business process outsourcing company is equipped with the tools, knowledge, and personnel to accommodate your company’s different needs. Your growth is our goal, and we offer these solutions to help you get there.

SixEleven Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Our lead generation services can help you find qualified leads for your business and boost brand awareness.
SixEleven Telemarketing

Telemarketing Sales

Reach out to your target market in real-time through cold calls by using our telemarketing sales services.
SixEleven Booking & Order Taking

Booking & Order Taking

Make sure that your customers are getting the help they need to place orders for your business with our booking and order-taking services.
SixEleven Technical Support

Technical Support

Have a team of agents ready to provide your clients with the technical support they need 24/7.
SixEleven Chat Support

Chat Support

Invest in a dedicated chat support team for your customers and provide them with prompt assistance anytime, anywhere.
SixEleven Email Support

Email Support

Minimize your company’s email turnaround time and provide your clients with the help that they deserve swiftly with our email support services.
SixEleven Inbound Sales

Inbound Sales

Our inbound sales service ensures that there’s always someone ready to assist potential customers with their purchase of your products or services.
SixEleven Helpdesk


Provide your valuable customers with a dedicated helpdesk to provide them with the solutions they need as soon as they need them.
SixEleven Inbound Customer Support

Inbound Customer Support

The inbound customer support service guarantees that there will always be someone on the other line ready to assist your clients should they need any help.
SixEleven Data Entry & Research

Data Entry & Research

Minimize errors and maximize productivity by having a team of detail-oriented agents take over your data entry and research processes.
SixEleven Document Processing & Quality Control Validation

Document Processing & Quality Control Validation

Outsource your document management to us and we’ll make sure that each document is filed correctly and promptly for your business.
SixEleven image annotation

Image Annotation

Ensure that your AI has high-quality materials by outsourcing your image annotation services to a team of specialized agents.

Top Talents at SixEleven Delivering Results

As one of the top BPO companies in the Philippines, we recognize that our agents are key to delivering an excellent experience to our clients. This is why we invest in the environment and well-being of our agents. Learn more about our efforts here.
Marienne, Team Leader
Jennifer, Team Leader
Joneza, Team Leader
Jen, Team Leader
Andrea, Team Leader
Cristy, Team Leader
Khryzza, Team Leader
Divi, Senior Team Leader
Clarice, Team Leader


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