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SixEleven’s unique position, experience, and size enable optimal business process outsourcing for a variety of industries across the globe.

At SixEleven we believe in providing dynamic service-oriented solutions to our clients to help them grow their operations. As a leading business process outsourcing company with over 15 years in the industry, we know that customer service is not a one-size-fits-all solution. This is why we continue to expand our company’s BPO services to cater to new market demands and developments. Aside from expanding our service offerings, we also continue to grow our team so that the quality of our work continues to improve with our growth.

SixEleven is committed to providing quality customer service to your clients to maximize their satisfaction and keep customer retention high. As an outsourced call center company, we prioritize your customers and aim to reply to their queries, complaints, and orders as soon as possible to give them an excellent experience with your organization.

Our company makes use of a secure platform to address your client’s needs. With this system, we are able to offer multiple services such as lead generation and telemarketing sales, technical support, and booking and order taking. Automating these services for your organization can give you and your team the time to focus on innovating and managing your business.

When you work with SixEleven, you’re guaranteed a reliable partner that aims to help your business grow and succeed. We provide your company with the flexibility it needs by creating tailor-fit staffing solutions.

You can count on us to provide you with a high-quality team that helps you build a better relationship with your customers.

Our Difference

Focused Flexibility

Having the ideal size and structure as an organization allows for flexible and focused handling of vastly different and intensive client-specific needs.

Industry Expertise

With over a decade's worth of experience and continual development, Six Eleven has acquired various industry knowledge in multiple vertical-specific fields.

Quality Excellence

Our dedication to doing everything right "the first time, every time" has earned us a reputation of genuine quality and service in the BPO scene.

We Deliver Results

Having the right outsourcing partner capable of being flexible to your specific needs can guarantee success in your business. Six Eleven’s ability to customize the right resources and talents can be the edge required to open opportunities for growth.
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We Offer Quality Solutions To
Your Business Needs

We pride ourselves in fully understanding our clients’ needs in the earliest stages of each business deal.
Our knowledge in the industry allows us to anticipate solutions and design strategies efficiently.

Lead Generation & Telemarketing Sales

SixEleven values the workforce contribution in a sales transaction. From generating leads to closing sales, the agents assist in each step and assure the quality of their service.

Booking & Order Taking

SixEleven specializes in customer booking and order-taking. Whatever product and industry they are in, our agents can confidently close sales orders virtually with minimal to no error.

Technical Support

Technical support is one of the most popular outsourced services in the Philippines. BPO employees in the country are experts in solving technical issues, no matter how complicated it is.

Email & Chat Support

Email and chat support requires urgency and effectiveness in communicating with customers. While email inquiries can take up to 24 hours response time, chats require immediate response since they are taking concerns in real time.

Inbound Customer Support

Inbound customer support requires more features when it comes to handling a wide range of customers. Nowadays, your team needs to be more flexible in terms of knowledge, expertise, and languages to communicate with them better.

Data Entry & Research

To expand your products and services, you need a team to research and gather data for you. With SixEleven, you can get the best team in getting to know your market and how you can improve your products.

Helpdesk Services

An efficient helpdesk processes your customer’s concerns in the shortest time possible. Having a 24/7 service is also a plus to make it more accessible to customers anytime.

Document Processing & Quality Control Validation

From logistics to claims and applications processing, SixEleven staff provides the utmost processing service for you. At an affordable rate, you can hire a single VA or co-managed team to help you process high volume of applications and forms.

Top Talents of SixEleven

We pride ourselves to be out-of-the-box thinkers and problem solvers. If you are committed
to success and aiming growth for your business then SixEleven is you ideal partner!

Marienne, Team Leader
Jennifer, Team Leader
Joneza, Team Leader
Jen, Team Leader
Andrea, Team Leader
Cristy, Team Leader
Khryzza, Team Leader
Divi, Senior Team Leader
Clarice, Team Leader

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