Grow your business on Facebook with the help of online chat support

We have two major points that we will be discussing in this article: (1) How to...

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Outsourcing services your company can take advantage of

Outsourcing is the act of transferring some or most of your company’s business...

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Discover these surefire ways to improve customer experience

Customer experience is the term used to define the customer’s overall perception...

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Defining and developing a customer experience strategy

Customer experience (CX) is the quality of interactions between customers and...

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Improve your business strategy with an outbound call center

If you’re new in hiring a call center, you might be wondering about the whole...

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Six things to set up your inbound call center

Setting up your inbound call center teams may be confusing at first. To overcome...

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Importance of quality assurance in a call center

In a call center setting, quality assurance ensures that every interaction aligns...

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Seven awesome telemarketing softwares

Telemarketing software is a type of contact center tool that automates customer...

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