Telemarketing laws in China you should know about

In China, telemarketing is governed by several administrative rules. The most...

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Telemarketing and its definition

In the right context, telemarketing is the practice of reaching out to potential...

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Tips to perfect your telemarketing script

Telemarketing is more than just doing sales calls to random customers. Nowadays,...

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Take advantage of these 4 telemarketing examples

Telemarketing is a job where salespeople would conduct phone calls to sell you a...

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Telemarketers: What you need to know

Telemarketing is a marketing method where agents, or telemarketers, are tasked to...

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Outsourcing services your company can take advantage of

Outsourcing is the act of transferring some or most of your company’s business...

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A short guide on the telemarketing laws a call center should follow

Scams in telemarketing have been rampant for years now. It continuously preys on...

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The do’s and don’ts in making telemarketing sales

To succeed in telemarketing, you should do more than calling a customer and...

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Top telemarketing sales tips for beginners

Telemarketing, also identified as “inside sales” or “telesales,” refers to the...

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