A short guide to cold calling in real estate

Cold calling has been relevant and effective in the real estate industry since...

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Five most effective cold-calling scripts to help you increase your sales

Cold calling can be an effective yet tricky way of converting your leads to...

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Learning an outsourced telemarketing team’s pros and cons

You can use telemarketing to attract customers who have expressed prior interest...

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Is telemarketing illegal? Debunking the myths about telemarketing

Telemarketing has earned itself a reputation over the years; some may not be as...

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What is the meaning of telemarketing?

Telemarketing, when done correctly, can greatly contribute to business sales and...

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19 Telemarketing Skills to Master in 2024

Telemarketing is not just about talking on the phone; a great telemarketer should...

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Outsourcing guide to telemarketing call center services

Telemarketing is a method of direct marketing in which a company’s salespeople...

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Eight brilliant telemarketing tips that work

Telemarketing is a marketing strategy where salespersons solicit prospects to buy...

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How to recognize and deal with telemarketing scams

Telemarketing scams have been prevalent since the 1990s, and surprisingly, they...

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