10 mistakes when hiring a virtual assistant and how to avoid them

Virtual assistants are there to help you with smaller business tasks. They can...

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Eight best accounting software for virtual bookkeepers

A virtual bookkeeper eases your burden of constantly updating and monitoring your...

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Why outsource your back office support functions

Back office support functions do not require client-facing. However, these tasks...

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Online data entry: What you need to know

Online data entry jobs are mostly win-win situations. These are great ways for...

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Key data entry skills your team needs to possess

Data entry involves a number of occupations like typists, coders, transcribers,...

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Learn the basics of sales order processing

One of these is sales order processing. This article tackles the definition of...

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Seven roles to outsource as a small business

This is most suitable for hiring BPOs who will do regular tasks such as customer...

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